Wood Food, skin care for wood

Wood Food is wood care wax that has effect of water repellent and anti bacterial.

“Wood Food” Wood maintenance products made from Japanese beeswax and other completely safe and natural ingredients.
Use it on Wood & Bamboo Cutting Boards, Furniture, Flooring, Toys, Salad Bowls etc. We call it skin care for wood!

[Product Feature]

1. Use on wood and bamboo cutting boards, salad bowls, kitchen counter tops, tables, wooden toys, flooring, wall panels & other untreated wood surfaces.
2. Preserves the wood, makes it water repellant and helps to prevent cracking.
3. Available as wax or oil in several flavors with natural anti-bacterial properties including Japanese Hinoki oil, Japanese peppermint oil, Blood Orange Oil, USDA / EU / JAS certified organic coconut oil and food safe mineral oil, approved for food contact items.
4. Apply with our unique wax/oil applicator with a high quality Japanese AG+ anti-bacterial sponge
5. Modern, stylish, attractive high quality packaging
6. Top quality made by hand in Fukuoka, Japan

[1. Product Introduction]

1. Product name : Wood Food

2. Raw materials : Japanese beeswax, USDA / JAS / EU certified organic coconut oil, Blood Orange oil, Japanese Hinoki oil, Japanese peppermint oil, food grade mineral oil.

3. Date of expiry (product lifespan) :
Wax: Best to use within 3 years after production (date marked on bottom)
Oil: Best to use within 4 years after production (date marked on bottom)

4. Coverage (single coat)
Note: results may vary according to type & condition of wood.
Wax – 0.055m2 / gm (180ml container = 160gm, covers 8.8m2)
Oil – 0.04m2 / gm (400ml container = 350gm, covers 14m2)
Wax used after applying a first coat of oil: 0.065m2 / gm (180ml container = 160gm, covers 10.4m2)

5. Odour : Neutral wax & oil = odour free. Scented wax & oil (Coconut / Blood Orange / Hinoki / Mint). Pleasant smell when applying – odour disappears in about 60 minutes – does not affect food preparation.

6. Package (size, quantity, weight)
Wood Food Wax
180ml PET jar (Coconut / Neutral / Mint / Blood Orange) packed in product box
Boxed dimensions: 75mm x 75mm x 75mm / 215gm
200ml Alu jar with solid wood lid (Hinoki) packed in product box
Boxed dimensions: 85mm x 85mm x 80mm / 253gm
1000ml PP jar (Coconut)
Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm x 143mm / 916gm

Wood Food Oil
400ml PET bottle (Coconut / Neutral / Mint / Blood Orange/Hinoki) sealed in vacuum packed bag
Packed dimensions: 70mm x 79mm x 122mm / 399gm

Wax Applicator
Boxed dimensions: 75mm x 75mm x 75mm / 118gm

5. Carton (size, quantity, weight) :
180ml Wax = QTY 50 per shipping carton. Dimensions 41cm x 41xm x 17cm / 12kg 
200ml Wax = QTY 32 per shipping carton. Dimensions 41cm x 41xm x 17cm / 10kg 
1000ml Wax = QTY 10 per shipping carton. Dimensions 41cm x 41xm x 17cm/12kg 

400ml Oil = QTY 25 per shipping carton. Dimensions 32cm x 32xm x 21cm / 10kg 

Wax / Oil Applicator
QTY 50 per shipping carton 41cm x 41xm x 17cm / 7kg 

6. Product origin : Fukuoka, JAPAN

7. Official website (English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian): https://www.junnodesign.com

[2. Price & Terms Information]

1.  Product Samples
Wood Food Wax
180ml Coconut / Blood Orange / Mint / Neutral / Hinoki Wax
USD 10.00 ea
200ml Hinoki
USD 15.00 ea

Wood Care Oil
Sample pack of 5 x 30ml Oils (Coconut / Blood Orange / Mint / Neutral / Hinoki
USD10.00 per pack

Wax Applicator
Round Applicator with cap
USD10.00 ea

Product Sample Shipping Fee:
Asia / Australia USD12.00
Europe / USA USD15.00
Rest of the world USD18.00

Customer pays sample price + shipping (EMS/DHL). Payment by PayPal, Credit Card or by bank deposit in the EU, UK, USA, Australia possible.

2. Product Orders
MOQ per order is 1 box:
180ml Wax = QTY 50 per box (12KG)
200ml Wax = QTY 32 per box (10KG)
1000ml Wax = QTY 10 per box. (10KG)
400ml Oil = QTY 25 per box (10KG)
Wax applicator = QTY 50 per box (7KG)
*FOB Fukuoka Prices

Wood Food Wax
180ml Coconut / Blood Orange / Mint / Neutral
USD 8.00 ea / MOQ 50 ea (1 box) USD400.00 / box
200ml Hinoki
USD 12.00 ea / MOQ 32 (1 box) USD 382.00 / box
1000ml Coconut
USD 32.00 ea / MOQ 10 (1 box) USD 320.00 / box

Wood Care Oil
400ml Coconut / Blood Orange / Mint / Neutral
USD 7.00 ea / MOQ 25 ea (1 box) USD 175.00 / box
400ml Hinoki (Japanese Cedar)
USD 10.00 ea / MOQ 25 ea (1 box) USD 250.00 / box

Wax Applicator
Round Applicator with cap / AG+ sponge
USD 8.00 ea / MOQ 50 (1 box) USD 400.00 / box

Pricing for Large Orders (new heading in bold text)
MOQ 10 boxes (can be mixed) 2.5% Discount
MOQ 25 boxes (can be mixed) 5% Discount
MOQ 100 boxes (can be mixed) 7.5% Discount

3. Shipping
Estimated Shipping Cost (DDU) by DHL / TNT / Japan Post Economy Air (SAL). Actual cost will be confirmed before shipping.

1 Box (12 KG)
Asia USD 84.00
Australia / USA USD 115
Europe USD 125
Rest of the World USD 140

10 Boxes (120 KG)
Asia USD 380
Australia / USA USD 750
Europe USD 750
Rest of the World USD 1,000
*Large orders: Ocean or Airfreight, FOB Hakata Port / FUK Airport.
*Contact us for other shipping estimates.

4. HS-Code (Customs Tariff Code)
Wax & Oil: HS 3405.20.000
Wax Applicator: HS 8545.20.000

5. Containers in delivery:
PET bottles / PET jars / Aluminum jars

6. Storage
Normal room temperature. Avoid storing above 35 Degrees Celsius

7. Payment
Invoices can be issued in USD / JPY / GBP / EUR / AUD / SGD / CAD / CHF / NZD / HKD

We accept the following payment methods.
1.    PayPal or Credit Card
2.    Bank transfers
a. Japan - JPY Payments: deposit to Fukuoka Bank, Japan
b. EU - EUR Local Payments EU: by SEPA payment in EUR
c.  UK – GBP: By BACS / Faster Payment Service in GBP from a company account
d. USA – USD: By ACH in USD from a company account
e. Australia – AUD: By Direct Entry Payments (BECS) in AUD from a company account
f.  All other countries: Payments in USD / GBP / EUR / AUD / SGD / CAD / CHF / NZD / HKD by T/T to DBS Bank, Hong Kong

Sample Orders
By PayPal or Credit Card

8. Maximum Supply Quantity
60,000 units / year

9. Lead time:  Samples: 3 days after receipt of payment. Orders: 1 to 8 weeks after receipt of payment, depending on product type and order quantity

[3. Documents]

•    Certificate of Origin (COO) - available at JPY 2,000
•    MSDS
•    Product Safety Certificate – Heavy Metal & VOC free
•    JAS, EU, USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil

[4. Product Testimony]
“Wood Food” Verified Customer Reviews

★★★★★5/ 5 “What would I do without it ?” 21 September 2016
Great product, I have 3 wooden chopping boards - 1 for dry food's, 1 for raw meat & 1 for cooked meat, I also use Wooden Plates in preference to crockery. I gave each item 3 coats of wax over a period of 5 day's to ensure it soaked in and have been amazed at the result. My plates are used for all meal's, salads, fry-up's, lasagne, bolognese, stir fry's and roast dinners with gravy, none of them have shown any sign of staining or absorbing liquid. I wash them immediatly after use in hot soapy water, rinse them with cold water, dry them thoroughly and I re-wax them once a month. Just one small point, I'm 75yrs old with large hands and arthritus and wish the container was slightly larger and square as that would make it easier for me to to get to the wax at the bottom of the container, but that said, it is a great product that does everything it says "on the tin" and more.

★★★★★5/5 “Goes on easily, doesn't leave a residue” 22 April 2016
I use this on my wooden chopping board, and it does it's job perfectly. Goes on easily, doesn't leave a residue, and leaves the board looking as good as new. I'll definitely be buying more of this brand (although it lasts for ages!)

★★★★★5/5 “This stuff is brilliant! I have used it on so many Items” 6 September 2017
I had never used a wood food before, but this stuff is brilliant! I have used it on so many Items. I would recommend.

★★★★★5/5  “Pleasant smell and goes far” 19 November 2017
Nice smell - not like some - and economical because a small amount covers a good amount of wood.

★★★★★5/5 stars “Five Stars” 20 September 2016
smells great -easy to apply: wooden blocks looking great thank you

★★★★★5/5 “Wood food” 14 December 2017
Brilliant product. Highly recommend
 4.0 out of 5 stars “Four Stars” 4 February 2018
Works well.

★★★★★5/5 “Five Stars” 27 June 2017
Just the job for our butchers block

★★★★★ 5/5  “Parfait” 20 septembre 2017
Honnêtement j'avais un peut peur d'utiliser ce produit sur ma table à manger. Mais je suis ravie du résultat en effet j'avais acheté de "l'huile" de protection qui s'est avéré être un vernis avec plein de produits chimiques, une fois poncé mais table était .... moche ce produit a permis de raviver les veines du bois (chêne) ca colore légèrement mais je trouve que ça embellit vraiment le bois. Voir photo. C'est un produit avec une composition clair sans substance toxiques c'est pour ça que je l'ai choisi. Facile d'utilisation on dirait du beurre vous pouvez en faire fondre au micro onde pour le rendre liquide et l'appliquer au pinceau. J'ai utilisé la moitié du pot pour une table de 6 en chêne. Le produit sens légèrement le miel quand on met le nez dedans donc vous pouvez sans problème l'appliquer dans un lieu clos ou avec des enfants. Je recommande vraiment ce produit si vous voulez quelques choses de naturel sans ce cassé la tête à faire des mélanges d'astuces de grands mères

★★★★★5/5  “Produit excellent” 18 novembre 2017
Pour faire suite a la question que j'avais posée : j'ai déjà mis deux couches sur une table (en pin brut de chez le grand vendeur suedois, poncée et lavée au préalable) de 4 places mais 6 avec les extrémités (table large, 1m sur 1m20 en gros), dont la seconde généreuse. Avec "essuyage" du surplus une heure après minimum pour chaque couche. Pieds/montants inclus. J'ai a peine utilisé un quart du pot. Donc je vais pouvoir la tartiner un moment,sachant qu'elle boit évidemment moins ensuite. Cela fonce un peu le bois certes mais ce n'est pas désagréable. Il prend une teinte chaude mais pas artifice artificielle. Moi j'aime bien. Le pot est petit mais vraiment la quantité est correcte.

★★★★★5/5 “Indispensable” 15 octobre 2017
Une cire qui permet à la fois de conserver propre son plan de travail, et de respecter l'hygiène nécessaire à son entretien. J'ai particulièrement apprécié sa composition naturelle, son efficacité, et sa tenue dans le temps.

★★★★★5/5 “Cire naturelle 🏞 et géniale !!!☺” 4 décembre 2017  
Formidable ! 😍 Facile à appliquer. Le résultat est impeccable et son effet immédiat. Mon plan de travail est nickel et on est obligé de constater que l'eau et toutes autres tâches ou salissures disparaissent en un coup d'éponge !
Je recommande ce produit !

★★★★★5/5 “Très bon produit” 24 mars 2017
Enfin une excellente cire naturelle pour des plans de travail et adaptée pour les produits alimentaires. Le rendu est très beau et nourrit parfaitement bien le bois.

★★★★★5/5 “cire” 16 janvier 2016
excellent produit = qualité prix super !!!
très très bons résultats pour tous les bois
meubles et même plancher, bravo pour ce produit

★★★★★5/5 “Cire” 17 août 2017
Super efficace. C’est le deuxième pot que j achète et je suis complètement satisfait du résultat après application sur plan de travail ,planche à découper en bois et aussi lavabo de cuisine foncé.


★★★★4/5 “Efficace” 27 janvier 2016
Mon plan de travail est neuf et du coup j'en met tous les 15jours pour une bonne etanchéité et une belle couleurs miel.

★★★★★5/5 “Indispensabile ...” 9 novembre 2017
La crema per tagliere è indispensabile per tenere sempre in forma il vostro tagliere , certo è per pignoli come me ! 180 gr, vanno più che bene per molte applicazioni , la crema è oleosa Se ne consuma pochissima e si stende bene . Per me il prezzo vista la qualità e la quantità , inutile scrivere “il barattolo sembrava più grande” c’è scritto che sono 180 grammi è così è ! Il tagliere è arrivato con delle righe e con delle macchie bianche la crema le ha tolte . Per me è da comprare.

★★★★4/5 “Ottimo prodotto prezzo da rivedere” 28 ottobre 2015
Cera d'api per lucidare e proteggere il vostro tagliere (in legno massello) secondo me non adatto per taglieri in bamboo. Leggermente caro il prezzo ecco perché metto 4 stelle, su amazon si potrebbe fare di meglio.

★★★★4/5 “Buon prodotto” 13 agosto 2016
Buon prodotto per la manutenzione di taglieri in legno. Io ho un tagliere in legno di acacia e la superficie di taglio rimane sempre pulita e impermeabile. Consiglio

★★★★4/5 “Facile!” 25 agosto 2017
Non posso dire se il costo sia elevato o meno perché è la prima volta che compro e uso questo tipo di prodotti. Posso dire che è facile da usare non lascia odori e si asciuga in poco tempo. Io l'ho usata sul piano cucina ikea dopo aver utilizzato un olio specifico per piani in legno. Al momento sono soddisfatta del risultato.

★★★★★5/5 “Utile per i taglieri e piani di lavoro in legno” 24 settembre 2016
Esattamente come descritta facile da usare , rende più facile pulire il tagliere di legno perché lo impermeabilizza, arrivata in anticipo

★★★★★5/5 “Ottimo prodotto” 5 novembre 2017
Ottima cera nutriente per lucidare e rendere idrorepellenti taglieri e ceppi da cucina, non unge! Odore gradevole, arrivata un po' in ritardo.

★★★★★5/5 “Buona” 14 novembre 2016
E` una buona cera per il mio tagliere e` l`ideale e` solo un poco troppo cara a vederla in foto sembra molto piu` grande di quello che e` in realta`

★★★★4/5 “Fernando” 17 de octubre de 2016
Se extiende muy bien y, concretamente para utensilios de madera de olivo, los deja como nuevos. Además, es muy interesante que se pueda utilizar para superficies sobre las que luego se van disponer alimentos. En el caso de ensaladeras, el vinagre ataca la madera y cada dos o tres semanas, con una nuez de producto, quedan como el primer día.

★★★★★5/5 “Perfecta para Proteger maderas sin tratamientos” 22 de enero de 2018
Cera especial para utilizar con tablas en las cuales se van a colocar alimentos. Protege, fácil de aplicar y con color neutro para no cambiar la naturaleza de la madera.

★★★★★5/5 “muy Buena” 20 de noviembre de 2017
muy buena, la madera queda protegida y repele el agua, ademas queda muy bonita, yo la he usado en una encimera y ha quedado de lujo

★★★★★5/5 “Buen product” 13 de octubre de 2017
buen producto para tablas de cocina , protege del agua y da un brillo optimo a maderas de olivo etc etc

★★★★★5/5 “Cera para madera” 29 de noviembre de 2017
Si, es mejor que lo que yo pensaba queda un tacto muy bonito y el agua no entra en la madera

★★★★4/5 “Teresuka” 5 de octubre de 2016
Fantástica. Ha dejado las tablas y los cubiertosde madera genial. Había probado las q son más líquidas peroesta cera es mejor.

★★★★★5/5 “Empfehlenswertes Zubehör zum Hackblock”  6. September 2016
Ergiebig. Zum auftragen habe ich ein preiswertes Abschminkschwämmchen gekauft. Auch für das Wiegemesserbrett verwendet, und für einen weiteren Hackblock. Fertig.

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