KIKKA body lotion

Made of premium chardonnay grape, especially good for women with sensitive skin.

KIKKA Body Lotion is made of premium chardonnay pomace harvested in Japan that was awarded in the Best Wine in Japan in 2015.

Grape seed of KIKKA chardonnay enhances your skin, make it smoother, more elastic and moisturized with property of anti oxidization.

Non alcohol, preservatives, emulsifier, chemical additive are contained, completely safe and high quality!

KIKKA Body Lotion contains 170 times more polyphenol compared to normal wine.

[Product Feature]

- Special feature : KIKKA Body Lotion is blended in the SPG (Shirasu Porous Glass) technology that generates high quality porous membrane.
- Usage in Japan : apply KIKKA body lotion after taking bath, before sleeping, before going out, after you walk outside in summer

- Effect you can expect from KIKKA body lotion (it depends on condtion of skin and age) : smoothing skin, anti aging, reduce skin temperature and damage from sunlight

We already have distributor in,
Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines

[1. Product Outlook]

1. Product name : Organic Body Lotion
Brand name : KIKKA Body Lotion
2. Raw material : Grape extracted pomace, essence of grape water, gallica flower essence, lavendar water, Rosemary water, mugwort water, grape seed oil, vitamine C, Vitamine E and other 22 organic ingredients (all raw materials are pork free, Muslim friendly product)
3. Date of expiry : 18 months
4. Package : 200ml (2 months for normal use)
contained in plastic bottle (Height : 20cm, Weight 280g including bottle and bag)
5. Carton  : 48 bottles in hemp cloth
6. Product origin : Kumamoto, JAPAN
7. Official website

[2. Terms and conditions]

1. CIF price (Asean countries) : KIKKA Body Lotion (200ml for 3 months):

100ml = JPY 2,100
200ml = JPY 3,348
* Delivery time : 4-7 working days
* EMS freight is included.
* Import duty is NOT included.
* EMS freight gets cheaper in larger volume.
* In each shipment, some small test samples are included.
* Payment method : Paypal, Western Union, T/T remittance in advance

2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) : 12 bottles
3. HS-Code : 3304.99.012
4. Container in delivery : hemp cloth bag in carton
5. Storage : normal temperature, avoid direct sunlight and humidity
6. Payment terms : Cash in advance by Paypal, Western Union, T/T remittance
7. Sample : available up to 5 x 15ml small bottle/inquiry (freight must be paid by buyer)
8. Maximum Supply Quantity : 5,000 bottles/year
9. Delivery : EMS (Express Mail Service) by Japan Post
10. Lead time : 3 days for bottling and packing, 5 days to receive

[3. Documents]

1. Certificate of Origin (COO) : available with JPY 1,500
2. English brochure : available



[4. Main shop and customer in Japan]

1. Tsuruya Deparment Store (No.1 Kumamoto) 
2. Aso farm land
3. TV shopping (RKB, Fukuoka)
KIKKA body lotion is popular among 20-60 aged women who are keen on excellent beauty products.

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