Natural sea salt soap

Produced with only one technology in the world, enjoy the power of natural sea salt.

Sold more than 1,500,000 pieces in Japan!
Unique technology made it possible to add natural mineral sea salt up to 30% that has been said to be impossible in soap.
The concentration of salt is 0.9%, closest rate to the physiological salt water in our human body. This compositon enables customer who has sensitive skin to enjoy rich contents of natural sea salt.
Supported for 3o years in Japan, completely "additive free" natural soap.

[Product Feature]
1. made by patented technology "Vacuum Pressurizing Production" that forms soap without using heat and water, keeps ingredients in high quality
2. contains 30% natural mineral sea salt
3. Plain (blue) for moisturizing, Astahyalu (pink) for whitening and anti-aging, Charcoal (black) for clensing pores
4. arranges skin texture well with astringent effect of natural sea salt
5. stress free in washing face and body
6. No chemical additive, surfactant, preservatives contained

[1. Product Outlook]

1. Product name : Whitening Salt Soap (Blue : Plain, Pink : Astahyalu, Black : Charcoal)
Brand name : Oshio no Megumi (お塩のめぐみ)
2. Raw material : Palm oil, Natural sea salt made in Seto inland sea, Hyaluronic acid, Astaxanthin, Charcoal
3. Date of expiry : 2 years after production
4. Size : 60g, 70mm x 15mm (3 months for washing face)
 * 75g including paper carton
5. Carton  : 110mm x 73mm x 25mm
6. Product origin : Saga, JAPAN
7. Official website (Japanese)

[2.Terms and conditions]

1. FOB price (Asean countries) : JPY 880
* Plain, Astahyalu, Charcoal (60g)
* EMS freight is included.
* Import duty is NOT included.
* EMS freight is cheaper in larger volume.

2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) : 40 pieces
3. HS-Code : 3401
4. Container in delivery : paper carton
5. Storage : normal temperature, avoid direct sunlight and humidity
6. Payment terms : Paypal, Western Union, T/T remittance
7. Sample : JPY 700/piece (without EMS freight)
8. Maximum Supply Quantity : 5,000 pcs/month
9. Delivery : EMS (Express Mail Service) by Japan Post
10. Lead time : 4-7 working days from payment


[3. Documents]

1. Certificate of Origin (COO) : available with JPY 1,500
2. English brochure : not available


[4. Main shop and customer in Japan]

1. Tokyu hands 
2. Tsuruya department store
3. Many beauty salon all over Japan

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