Stylish bamboo products GREENEXUS

Style, benefit and sustainability became one with bamboo.

[1. Product Information]

1. Common product name
1) Bamboo chopsticks
2) Bamboo butter knife
3) Bamboo light

2. Brand name
1) Toki-kitaru (Bamboo chopsticks)
2) Greenexus bamboo butter knife
3) Greenexus bamboo light
3. Product origin : Kumamoto Japan
4. Raw material : Bamboo, urethane coating (food grade safety certified)
5. Production process : cut, transport, wash, extract oil, dry, cut in parts, grind with sander, arranges size, quality inspection, wrapping, packing, shipping
6. Product lifespan : almost permanently if you don’t break, lose
7. Maintenance : wash, polish regularly

[2. Size, price, terms and conditions]

1. Product lineup
1) Bamboo chopstick
2) Bamboo butter knife
3) Bamboo light (with small LED light and battery)
2. Size and weight including box
1) Bamboo chopstick
Per a piece : Weight 12g, L 23-24cm, W 8mm (urethane coated)
Per a carton : (50 pairs) Weight 580g, L 24cm, W 12.5cm, H 5cm
2) Bamboo butter knife
Per a piece : Weight 12g, L 18cm, H 3.5cm
Per a carton : (30 knives) Weight 600g, L 23cm, W 15cm, H 25cm
3) Bamboo light
Per a piece : Weight 130g, H 23-23.5cm, W 6.5-7.5cm (approximately)
Per a piece with outer carton : Weight 220g, L 24.5cm, W 8.5cm, H 8.5cm
Per a carton : (40 pieces) Weight 9kg, L 24cm, W 12.5cm, H 5cm
3. Storage : Please avoid humidity and keep in well ventilated place.

4. FOB price (FOB Fukuoka airport)
1) Bamboo chopsticks (1 carton = 50 pairs) : JPY 35,000
2) Bamboo butter knife (1 carton = 30 knives) : JPY 52,000
3) Bamboo light (1 carton = 40 pieces) : JPY 56,000
EMS air freight is paid by buyer.
- Choose "Parcel"
- Add weight
- Choose "Kumamoto"
- Choose your country
5. Payment terms : Cash in advance
6. Payment method : Paypal, T/T

7. MOQ
1) Bamboo chopsticks: 1 carton = 50 pairs
2) Bamboo butter knife : 1 carton = 30 knives
3) Bamboo light : 1 carton = 40 pieces
8. Maximum supply volume
1) Bamboo chopsticks : 2,000 pairs/month
2) Bamboo butter knife : 200 pieces/month
3) Bamboo light : 400 pieces/month
9. Lead time
1) Bamboo chopsticks : Shipping in 2 weeks after confirming payment
2) Bamboo butter knife : Shipping in 3 weeks after confirming payment
3) Bamboo light : Shipping in 2 weeks after confirming payment
10. HS-code : 1401.10.000

[3. Document and sales information]

1. Available test report : food grade safety test report
2. Certificate of origin : available upon your request
3. Product liability insurance : available in overseas
4. Type of customer in Japan : famous restaurant, shop, café, ordinary customer, foreign tourist who loves Japanese culture and food
5. Shops in Japan : many shops all over Japan
6. Testimony of customer : very light to use, comfortable to hold, easy to pick small foods, looks beautiful and authentic, truly outstanding quality
7. Purpose of use : gift, open a new restaurant, diet
8. Notice :
- Please don’t put fire in bamboo light, it’s dangerous when it falls down in house.
- Please don’t drop. It may break when dropped on hard floor.

Message from president

The people of Japan have lived with bamboo since ancient times. With tools made of bamboo being excavated from ruins from the Jomon period.
Bamboo is a plant vital for the lives of the people and is an essential material that should be handed down as a part of Japanese culture.
We are a creative unit, exploring products that enrich one’s life through the incorporation of bamboo.
Pliable yet strong, bamboo is versatile and can be used for anything from soft baskets to large solid objects. Whether in its natural form or whittled into a thin stick, bamboo can be used in a variety of ways through altering its size, shape and width.
We coexist, are confronted with, and revive the nature in our hometown of Kumamoto, where environmental issues concerning bamboo groves are being worked out. Appreciating the GREEN of the earth, we manufacture bamboo products that can be passed on to the next generation with a passion to eventually create NEXUS, a bond between the people, the chefs and customers, and also between Japan and the world, which will lead to a future full of love.

>>Europe, Russia, USA, Latin America : Mr. Maximilian Payr

▼Asia, Middle east, Africa

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