Aso limonite

Limonite helps growth of rice, crop, vegetable, fruit, animal and fish.

Limonite, magical powder made in Japan.

1. Product feature

1) Limonite (FeO (OH) nH2O) is a mineral resource that contains iron ore.
2) Aso limonite has been generated for 300,000 years in the area of Aso volcano, located in Kumamoto, Japan.
3) Aso limonite has higher purity and it has been used as an additive in the feed for cow, pig, fish as well as deodorizer, soil exchanger, water purifier.
4) Aso limonite contains rich mineral such as calcium, manganese. It enhances growth of animal, fish, plants.
5) Aso limonite absorbs bad smell in the soil and waste water. It is widely used in water treatment plant, factory, livestock farming areas all over Japan.
6) When Aso limonite is used as an additive in the food waste, limonite works to decompose waste into compost.

2. Competitiveness of product


1) Limonite is found in France, Italy and Canada in addition to Japan. However purity and quality of Aso limonite are the highest among all.
2) 70% of Aso limonite consists of iron hydroxide and it contains lots of natural minerals. Aso limonite absorbs hydrogen sulfide, phosphorus, ammonia and residual chlorine.
3) Due to good balance of natural minerals, Aso limonite is multi-functional product that can be used as animal feed, health supplement for pet, soil exchanger, deodorizer, water purifier.
4) Aso limonite is dried and aged for 3 years. High absorption performance of gas and hazardous material is another advantage of Aso limonite.
5) Aso limonite is 100% natural animal feed, it is registered and used as "Class A animal feed" in Japan. Especially pig likes limonite. After eating limonite, pig grows faster, safer, bigger and reduces smell from body and wastes.
6) When Aso limonite is used as soil exchanger, it absorbs toxic gas such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, and enables root to grow better. Limonite also supplies indispensable micro elements such as magnesium and calcium, you can expect more harvest from your farm.
7) When Aso limonite is used as water purifier in the pond, river, lake, it absorbs excessive phosphorus and supplies necessary minerals. Aso limonite enhances decomposition of algae and increases transparency of water with enhancing activity of bacteria.
8) Not only in water purification, but also in improving water quality, Aso limonite works well. It enhances growth of fish and prawn, reduces disease.

Limonite was produced in the 300000years history in nature.
In the deep soil layer in Aso volcano, we dig limonite.

[1] Product Outline

1. Common product name : Limonite
2. Brand name
1) Light Mineral (animal feed additive)
2) Limonido (soil enhancer, exchanger for farming)
3) Light Clear (Water purification, water quality improvement)
3. Product origin : Aso volcano, Kumamoto, Japan
4. Raw material and ingredient : Limonite
5. Production work flow
1) Mining of natural ferrous oxide
(Drilling, transporting to the stockpile yard)
2) Drying in the sunlight
(Mixing, drying for 2 years in the sunlight. During this period the status is stabilized. The quality is judged strictly in the final checking process)
3) Final drying
(Good quality limonite is transported to the drying area)
4) Selection
(Limonite is crushed and separated depending on the size, moisture content. Limonite is sterilized with UV)
5) Packing
(Limonite is packed in the bag)
6) Distribution

After being digged, limonite is dried for 3 years.

[2] Quantity and size

1. Product lineup
1) Light Mineral : 50 x 20kg bag (1 ton)
2) Limonido : 50 x 20kg bag (1 ton)
3) Light Clear : 50 x 20kg bag (1 ton)
* All bags are tied with PP band in 8 points to prevent falling down.
* Measurement of pallet : W 1.1m D 1.1m H 1.1-1.3m
[Adding volume in each usage]
- animal feed : 0.5% in total weight
- fish feed : 0.5% in total weight
- soil exchanger (fertilizer) : 20kg/10a (10m x 100m = 1,000 square meter)
- Grease trap : 5kg in 200-400L (Please mix it well to see status of oil in the first use).
* After the first usage, please use 100g in each garbage disposal. Garbage is deodorized.
* If it's difficult to use 100g every time, please use 300-500g every two weeks of 1 month.
- Water purification : 0.06% in 1 ton (cubic meter)
2. Shelflife : forever if stored properly
3. Storage : Please avoid high temperature and humidity
4. Assembly of component : No need
5. Additional equipment for operation : No need

Limonite helps growth of rice, crop, vegetable and fruits.
Limonite helps growth of fish, reduces feed, cost and time.

[3] Price, Payment terms, sample


1. FOB price (Port of Hakata)
1. Light Mineral : JPY 380/kg (JPY 380,000/ton)
2. Limonido : JPY 380/kg (JPY 380,000/ton)
3. Light Clear : JPY 380/kg (JPY 380,000/ton)
- Package : 20kg plastic bag
- 20kg x 50/pallet : 1t
- 20t/20FT container
- 30t/40FT container
2. Payment terms : Cash in advance
3. Payment method : PayPal, T/T
4. MOQ : 1 metric ton (50 x 20 bags)
5. Maximum supply volume per month : 5,000 ton
6. Lead time : 1 week after confirming payment
7. HS-code : 2821.10.000
8. Availability of free sample : 100g sample for testing is FREE OF CHARGE.
(EMS air freight is PAID BY BUYER)

Check RATES and DELIVERY DAYS (EMS by Japan Post)
* Please choose "Parcel, Weight, Kumamoto" and your country.
9. Maintenance : Please avoid high temperature and humidity

Limonite heips growth of pig, reduces death ratio.

[4] Certificate and document

1. Available certificate, test reports
1) Raw material analysis report
2) Heavy metal test report
3) Toxicity test report
4) Specification report
2. MSDS : Available
3. Certificate of origin : Available
4. Product liability insurance : Available (valid in Japan). If you need P/L insurance in your country please ask in advance.
5. Award
2014 Award in "eco recycle society" product by Kumamoto prefecture
2014 Award in "Preserving natural environment" product by the ministry of natural environment

Light Mineral, Light Clear, Anti Smelly Oil, Limonido
Great power of nature is contained in this pallet of limonite.

[5] Sales and testimony in Japan

1. Type of customer in Japan
1) Stock rising farmer (cow, pig, chicken)
2) Fish, prawn fishery farm
3) Water treatment plant
4) Farmers
5) Factory (for desulfurizing)
2. Case studies in Japan
 1) Cow, pig, chicken
 2) Agriculture
 3) Water purification, water treatment, water quality improvement, zoological, hotel, food processing factory
 4) Waste water recycle plant (desulfurizing, deodorizing)
3. Sales record : Many sales record in the various types of industry, clients for years

Many pallets are distributed all over Japan to help famers.

[6] Benefit and how to use


1. Major benefit
Aso limonite has been used for more than 20 years in Japan, and it has been officially registered in the ministry of agriculture. The safety has been proved in the research by Cornell University of the United States. In Japan the major usage is supplement of iron and mineral. No toxicity has been detected in the test of ophthalmology, haematology and histopathology (repeated oral administration toxicity test with rat for 13 weeks).

We export limonite to Asian countries as well.

2. How to use
1) In the usage for the additive in animal feed, 0.5% in the total volume is recommended. Test has proved that limonite reduced death ratio of pig when used for the mother pig was pregnant. Another test has proved that the weight of pig increased when the baby pig ate limonite for 3 weeks after being born.
2) Too much supply of fertilizer sometimes increases hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, it prevents healthy growth of the root of plant. However, if you apply limonite 20-40g per 1 square meter, it absorbs toxic gas and enhances growth of root. It also supplies indispensable micro elements such as magnesium and calcium to the plant, sometimes increases sugar content.
3) If you use limonite in the pond and river where water-bloom spreads bad smell, limonite absorbs phosphorus and prevents growth of water-bloom. It works well in improving water quality.

Fine powder of limonite. It works great with small amount.

3. Figure and fact
(according to the research and test of Kumamoto livestock test center)
1) Reduction of death ratio of baby pig.
2) Enhance of growth of animal.
3) Increase of weight of baby pig when they ate limonite for 3 weeks after being born.
4) Similar effects in fish, prawn and chicken.
5) Reduction of organ weight of fish.
6) Increase of flesh of fish (from 38% to 42% on the average)
* In the feed, 40% are fish powder and 5% was limonite
7) According to the test of prawn farm in Thailand, limonite could reduce 100ppm hydrogen sulfide into 0 in 10 hours.
8) Limonite could increase sugar content 1.03%, sourness 0.18% in a vineyard in Kumamoto.
9) According to the test of rice growth in China, limonite enhanced growth of rice and made it taller. The root of rice also got longer and deeper.

Light Mineral is one of the best selling items in Japan.

4. Precaution
Please do not INHALE, don’t PUT IN THE EYE and SKIN. Please prepare for limonite in the area well ventilated. (from MSDS)

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