New ice for snow cone Hakata Junpyo Ice

High purity ice for snow cone

[1. Product feature]

1. Product outline
1) "Hakata Junpyo Ice" is high purity ice made with our special technology for snow cone shop and restaurant.
2) Hakata Junpyo Ice is good item for wholesaler and retailer who want to offer safe, good taste snow cone menu.
3) It is made in Japan, already got popular among various types of customers all over Japan.
4) It is frozen for 48 hours in the ice drum. Our special method enabled ice to remove air and impurities such as minerals, the purity is 99.9%. Ice reaches maximum hardness and customer can enjoy real flavor of topping and syrup.
5) It is still new product but already won good reputation from 130,000 customers in our shop. 50,000 customers came to our shop in Taipei (Taiwan).

2. Competitiveness of product
1) Raw material and ingredient
Hakata Junpyo Ice is made of pure water. Production method makes it different from normal ice and snow cone.
2) Production method
48 hours to remove air and impurities, in total 72 hours to complete Hakata Junpyo Ice.
3) Quality
Safety and quality are certified in ISO22000.
4) Usage
Unlike normal ice, Hakata Junpyo Ice takes longer time to be melt with outer temperature, so it lasts longer. That means customer can enjoy snow cone longer.
5) Business
You can offer better food texture, superior visual presence to your customer.

3. Common product name : Ice for snow cone
4. Brand name : Hakata Junpyo Ice (Trademark has been registered in Japan)
5. Product origin : Fukuoka, Nagasaki, JAPAN
6. Ingredient : Tap water
7. Production flow
Fill water in drum → Freeze → Inspection → Forming → Stock → Distribution
8. Measurement, quantity and weight
1) 1.6kg ice : L 11.5cm, W 12.8cm, H 12.5cm
2) 1.0kg ice (ice flake) : H 32cm, W 22.5cm
9. Carton size for export
1) 1.6kg ice : 8 pcs (L 51.6cm, W 32.3cm, H 14.1cm)
Net Weight 12.8kg, Gross Weight 14.3kg
2) 1.0kg ice (ice flake) : 12 bags (L 36cm, W 25cm, H 33cm)
Net Weight 12kg, Gross Weight 13.5kg
10. Shelf life : No shelf life
11. Temperature in transportation and storage : below -18℃

[2. Price, terms and conditions]

1. FOB price : Please ask
2. Payment terms : Please ask
3. Payment method : Please ask
4. MOQ : Please ask
5. Maximum supply volume : Please ask
6. Raw material of package : 1.6kg ice : NY15/LLD55, 1.0kg ice (ice flake) NY/LLD55
7. Numbers of cartons per a pallet : 1.6kg ice : 60 cartons, 1.0kg ice (ice flake) 48 cartons
8. Lead time : Please ask
9. HS-code : 1.6kg ice 22.01, 1.0kg ice (ice flake) 22.01
10. Availability of sample : Please ask
11. Warranty : Item can be replaced only when package is broken.
12. Product Liability insurance : not available
13. Availability of OEM, ODM, PB (Private brand) : Please ask
14. Available distributorship : Please ask.

 [3. Sales information]

1. Available certificate
- 1.6kg ice : ISO22000, 10 May 2013
- 1.okg ice (ice flake) : ISO 22000, 10 May 2013
2. Certificate of origin : Available
3. Award, press release : "Oishii Kori-ya (yummy snow cone shop)" has been broadcasted many times in Japan and Taiwan. In addition to that many magazines and websites published articles of Hakata Junpyo Ice.
4. Main customer, client in Japan : - Shop, retail : Women in 20-30's years old
- Wholesale : Several shopping malls and discount store
5. Testimony of client
- High transparency
- No impurities
- Hard to be melt
6. Main usage : snow cone
7. Popular menu, recipe
1.6kg ice : Snow cone with matcha, strawberry milk, matcha mascarpone
1.0kg ice (ice flake) : Whiskey, high ball
8. Precaution : For infant and aged people, please do not fill your mouth with ice.

[4. Contact information]

Kyushu Seihyo Co.,Ltd (Fukuoka Japan)
Manager Mr. Kenichi Ishiwari