Collagen moisturizing cream Pluna

Pluna is good for moisturizing skin, available in reasonable price.

1. Product feature

1. Safe moisturizing cream made of natural herbal ingredients.
2. Little stimulative to your skin.
3. Age appears in the neck, our concept is "beautiful neck".
4. Japanese kimono (traditional cloth) culture has expressed beauty of neck with the good treatment of neck. 

2. Competitiveness of product

1. Collagen, deep ocean water, brown sugar, aloe are contained to keep your skin highly moisturized.
2. Deep ocean water is said to be good for improving generation of collagen.
3. Healthy skin means smooth skin with well treated texture.
4. Moisturizing makes your skin more elastic.

[1] Product Outline


1. Common product name : Moisturizing Cream

2. Brand name : PLUNA Collagen Cream

3. Product origin : Ishikawa, Japan


* All raw materials follow regulation of Washington Convention.

* All ingredients can be loaded in the airplane.

5. Production process and method : Preparation, separation, input, heating, stirring, cooking, stirring, taking out from the machine, inspection, filling, packaging, shipping

[2] Quantity and size  

1. Product lineup : PLUNA Collagen Cream 20g, 50g
2. Size and weight of package
- 20g : 112x112x40mm, 90g
48 packages in 1 carton (362x474x202mm, 5.3kg)
- 50g : 57x57x47mm, 105g
24 packages in 1 carton
(267x200x126mm, 2.7kg)
3. Shelflife : 3 years after production (warranty period)
4. Temperature and storage : Avoid direct sunlight, humidity. Store in normal temperature (15-25℃).
* If you stay in extremely hot, cold area, please store it in the refrigerator.
* When you store it in the warehouse, please keep it in cool, dark, dry place.
* We can replace animal collagen to fish scale collagen for Muslim, vegetarian, vegan customers.

[3] Price, Payment terms, sample

1. FOB price and MOQ
FOB price : 50g JPY 2,200
-    Test : 1 package
-    Sample : 1 carton (24 packages)
-    Deal : 4 cartons

Check RATES and DELIVERY DAYS (EMS by Japan Post)
* Please choose "Parcel, Weight, Fukuoka" and your country.
2. Payment method : Paypal, T/T
3. Payment terms : Cash in advance
4. Maximum supply volume
- 50g : 612,000 packages/month
5. Lead time : 1 month after confirming payment (deal volume)
7. HS-code : 330499

[4] Certificate and document

1. Available certificate
Import license (certificate) have been obtained in following countries.
- Taiwan
- Hong Kong
- China (CFDA)
- Vietnam
- Russia, CIS
2. SDS : Available in English, Chinese and Japanese
3. FSC (Free Sale Certificate) : Available upon request
4. Non animal origin raw material certificate : We can provide information upon your request to fill the document to be submitted to the authority in your country.
5. Certificate of origin (COO) : Available

[5] Sales and testimony in Japan

1. Type of customer in Japan
- Women in 35-40’s, over 50’s. (treatment for face, neck, decollete)
- Kids and aged customers (moisturizing treatment)
2. Shops in Japan : Hakata Riverain Mall (Kyushu Marche),,
3. Sales in overseas : Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, China
4. Testimony of customer

- Pluna works good for smoothing my foot in summer. It spreads wide so the cost performance is high. (10's)
- Pluna is good especially in winter to moisturize my skin. (20's)
- I didn't like my neck look older for my age. Pluna solved it. Now I can wear my favorite shirt. (20's)
- I was worrying wrinkle in my neck. Now my neck looks elastic and smooth, that's the reason I like Pluna. (40's)
- After washing face in the morning, I apply Pluna in my face, especially around eyes. (50's)
- Pluna reduced wrinkle in my neck and face, and it is cheap, I like it. (70's)
- I feel my neck got longer after using Pluna. I liked it so now I am using it in my face as well. (80's)

- Pluna changed my skin softer just in 5 days, the change is clearly visible. The quality is very good, I hope I can buy it in France as well. (40's, France)
- Pluna moisturizes my skin well. I feel better now, and it hides my pore. (30's, Korea)
- I want to keep my skin young, this is the reason why I use Pluna. Simple application and high quality, good product. (20's, China)
- It penetrates my skin deep, feels good. I want to make my skin smooth like Japanese. (20's, Russia)
- I didn't know that my skin was soft and smooth like this before I use Pluna. (40's, Russia)

[6] Benefit for beauty, how to use

1. Benefit for beauty
1). Reduction of damage of UV on skin, improve elasticity of skin.
2). Supply of moisture in skin damaged by age and UV.
2. How to use, prepare
1). Wash face, hand, take pearl size amount from the jar.
2). Apply Pluna around mouth, eye, face, neck evenly, gently with massaging.
3). After applying to all the parts, please cover your face with hands to make it penetrate more.
4). If you want to use Pluna for massage, we recommend squalane oil and jojoba oil.
5). 50g jar cream can be used for 3 months.
3. Precaution
1. In the first usage, please test it in small amount.
2. If your skin is injured, please do not use.

[7] Message from president

The older I grew, the more my skin got dry. I was using a skin care cream on that time, but it couldn't solve my problem. I could find several good skin care products however these were very expensive, not for daily use for me.
I could meet a capable, reliable partners and could develop Pluna brands. Satisfaction of customer always comes the first. High quality, reliable safety and reasonable price, it is the standard as the manufacturer of made in Japan brand.

[8] FAQ

Q1. Can I use Pluna in the morning?
Yes, you can. Take a little amount and apply softly to your face before making up.

Q2. My skin is sensitive, can I use Pluna?
Pluna is not stimulative very much, we have many customers who has sensitive skin. Please test Pluna a little amount first to make sure whether it matches your skin.

Q3. While I haven't used for weeks, I feel the color has changed a little bit to yellow. Can I still use?
Yes, this is because we don't add any coloring agent in Pluna. It is like natural apple changes color.

Q4. Pluna viscosity got softer in summer, can I still use it?
In summer time some ingredient split due to high temperature. It happens when you put Pluna under sunlight in high temperature. Please store it in cool, dark, dry place.

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