Strawberry enzyme drink

Artisan produced fermented strawberry with the best flavor and nutrition balance.

1.    Product feature

One of the best quality Japanese strawberries is now available in enzyme drink with organic method. We, OSJ (Original Strawberry Japan) have produced pure Japan strawberry without using any agrochemical and chemical fertilizer since 1987 before the concept of organic is known well. Our strawberry is fermented very well with artisan technique to extract the nutrient in its maximum.
Not only adding fresh strawberry flavor in your menu, but also for your daily health care, we are sure our OSJ enzyme drink will be the best ingredient in your business. 

2. Competitiveness of product

1. No chemical usage at all in whole process and ingredients.
2. Almost zero nitrate nitrogen content in our soil.
3. No fermentation agent is used. Our enzyme drink is fermented with the strawberry yeast itself.
4. Change of status of carbonhydrate has been confirmed. (From polysaccharide to monosaccharide)
5. Quality has been checked even in hostpital. (Glucose tolerance test in 3 hospitals. We have detected change of blood red cell after consumer drank it.)

[1] Product Outline

1. Common product name : Refreshing drink
2. Brand name : Strawberry enzyme drink “Monologue”
3. Product origin : Yamaga city, Kumamoto, Japan
4. Raw material and ingredient : Strawberry, sugar
5. Production process and method
1) Harvest
2) Separation
3) Sterilization
4) Washing
5) Mixing of frozen strawberry and sugar
6) Making sure of fermentation
7) Filtering
8) Bottling
9) Labeling
10) Packaging 

[2] Quantity and size

1. Product lineup : Strawberry enzyme drink in glass bottle
2. Size and weight of package
- 200cc bottle in carton : 23 x 5 x 5 cm, weight 488g
- In carton (20 bottles) : 25 x 27 x 22 cm, weight 10kg
3. Shelflife : 1 year in normal temperature
4. Temperature and storage : Please keep avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature. After opening lid, please store in refrigerator.

[3] Price, Payment terms, sample

1. FOB price
- JPY 2,180/bottle (200cc)
- JPY 39,400/carton (20 bottles)

Check RATES and DELIVERY DAYS (EMS by Japan Post)
* Please choose "Parcel, Weight, Kumamoto" and your country.
2. Payment terms
- 50 % in cash against placing order
- The rest 50 % is paid within 7 days after receiving goods
3. Payment method : Paypal, T/T
4. MOQ
- 10 cartons (200 bottles) : JPY 394,000
5. Maximum supply volume
- 30,000 bottles/year
6. 納期/Lead time
- 1-2 months
7. HS-code : 0811.10.100
8. Availability of free sample : Sample is available in the same price with FOB price.
(EMS freight must paid by buyer)

[4]  Certificate and document



1. Certificate of origin : Available


2. Product liability insurance : Available (please specify your market)


3. Non-agrochemical residue certificate : Available


4. Bacteria test report : Available


5. Organic JAS certificate : Preparing



[5] Sales and testimony in Japan

1. Type of customer in Japan : Mostly highly health conscious women in all ages
2. Shops in Japan : Normal consumer, Cafe, Restaurant, Beauty parlor
3. Sales record : Sold well since 2010 after we renamed brand
4. Testimony of customer : Good flavor, tasty, fee good in toilet, safe, energizing

[6] Benefit for health, how to use

1. Benefit for health
Although our enzyme drink is not medicine, the level of fermentation is very high. Many positive feedback has been reported from various types of customers since 1987. If you are interested in the evidence, it is available upon your request.
2. How to cook, prepare
- Thin with water in 10-20 times
- Drink after having meal outside
- Add as condiment
3. Recipe
- Strawberry hot tea
- Add in confectionery, bread, juice, cake
- Add in water in PET bottle when you go out
- Add in BBQ paste, soup (it increases sweetness)

[7]  Message from president

Kumamoto is called "Fruit Kingdom in Japan". We, OSJ have produced completely safe, tasty strawberry in the great nature of Kumamoto.
We are proud of our customer and strawberry, and our technique of fermentation. To maximize nutrient of strawberry, we have repeated countless trial and errors. The more we know strawberry, the more possibilities we find. We are looking forward to hearing your comment. Please enjoy our strawberry enzyme drink.

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