Japanese excellent products are not expensive any more if you approach it in the right way !

We are the new bridge between your market and Japan.

For 20 years experience of international business in technology transfer and trading, I’ve found that some of my foreign partners have stereotyped image “Japan = expensive”.

Of course some might be so, but actually if you appoach products in the right way Japanese products are not so expensive.

As the writer of business publishing company in Japan, I’ve met countless excellent, unique technology and products of SMEs, and as an international trader I’ve met many businessmen who want to find unknown unique products from Japan, but it was impossible due to language barrier.

Now, the interface is open to us through J-Tube. All necessary information are disclosed with images and video.

Let us make new business based on mutual trust and support.

CEO Naotaka Kojima
J-Tech Transfer and Trading (Fukuoka, JAPAN)