Alzheimer prevention aroma jigsaw puzzle

Unique invention of 30 years jigsaw puzzle manufacturer.

1. Product feature

Facing and waiting for the Alzheimer disease are horrible for us, and taking regular exercise to prevent it is also sometimes hard to continue.
The new product “Puzzle de Aroma” was developed by 30 years experienced Japanese puzzle maker “Ganso Puzzle-ya san” located in Saga.
The shape and color of figure on the pieces of puzzle are carefully designed based on human brain analysis. Users can enjoy how fast he can complete it with friends and family.
In addition to enjoying puzzle, the aroma spray contains several fragrances that has been said to be good for enhancing our memory. Watching with eyes, touching by fingers and relaxing in aroma, you can stimulate your brain with activating 3 senses at once in the enjoyment with friends.
Smile, laugh and finger exercise are the best medicine for us, let’s forget how old we are, and find how old you can be in smile.
(This product is not medical equipment.)

2. Competitiveness of product

1. Designed by the professional puzzle maker in Japan.
2. Designed based on brain science
3. Aroma liquid is developed based on the research of “The effect of aroma fragrance in recovering from fatigue” in Osaka City University in 25th January 2012.
4. Aroma liquid was used in the research of stress care in Osaka prefectural health science center in 2002 to 2012.
5. The ingredient of aroma liquid is used in the aroma treatment oil developed in Okinawa prefectural life innovation project in 2012.
6. The essential oil in aroma liquid has been certified in the product standard in Japan Aroma Environment Association.
7. In our test conducted with 60 users in the age of over 60, we could detect the relation between completing speed and actual age. After playing several times, most of users could complete the puzzle faster with activating their brain with playing puzzle in aroma space.
8. Users can compete how fast they can complete it with using time keeper.

[1] Product Outline
1. Common product name : Jigsaw puzzle with aroma spray
2. Brand name : Puzzle de Aroma
3. Product origin :  Saga, JAPAN
4. Raw material
Polyester (eye mask)

[Aroma liquid]
No chemical additive contained.
Essential oil of eucalyptus
Essential oil of Iyo citron (orange)
Essential oil of Gettou (a flower of Okinawa)
Mountain cypress of Kitayama, Kyoto

5. Production method and process
1) Printing puzzle paper out
2) Putting puzzle paper on cardboard paper with glue
3) Cut puzzle into pieces
4) Packing in carton

6. Product lifespan
Puzzle : forever unless it’s lost or broken
Aroma spray : 2 years

7. Precaution (usage of kids, aged people)
- Please don’t drink aroma liquid
- Please don’t drink piece of puzzle
- In case aroma liquid gets in the eyes, please wash it off immediately
- Please don’t spray aroma mist into mouth

[2] Quantity and size
1. Product detail (1 carton)
2 x Puzzle
1 x Aroma spray in bottle (100ml)
1 x Eye mask
1 x Score checking card

2. Size and weight of product
Puzzle (carton) : 295 x 200 x 45mm, 450g/set
Puzzle : 126mm x 176mm x 2mm
Aroma spray in bottle (100ml) : Diameter 40mm, Height 147mm, 126g including liquid

[3] Price, Payment terms, sample
1. FOB price : JPY 7,400/set

Check RATES and DELIVERY DAYS (EMS by Japan Post)
* Please choose "Parcel, Weight, Saga" and your country.
2. Payment terms : Cash in advance
3. Payment method : Paypal, T/T
4. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) : 5 sets
5. Maximum supply volume : 400 sets/month
6. Lead time : 1 week shipment after confirming payment
7. HS-code :
8. Availability of free sample : 1 sample for free of charge for 1 buyer
(EMS freight must paid by buyer)
9. Warranty : No warranty

[4] Certificate and document
Available certificate
1. Certificate of origin : Available
2. Product Liability Insurance : available

[5] Sales in Japan
1. Type of customer in Japan : Elder people, home for aged, normal family
2. Shops in Japan : Several homes for aged paople

[6] FAQ

Q1. Why do you use elementary colors in Puzzle de Aroma?
A: According to color psychology, elementary color is easily recognized regardless age. In addition to using elementary colors, we paid attention in the shape of each figure. Simple color and shape can be recognized easier by aged people, and it makes puzzle “not easy, yet not difficult”.

Q2. Why do you surround elementary colors with using black?
A: This is also based on the color psychology. With surrounding elementary colors by black, these colors get more recognizable.

Q3. Why are the pieces are so big?
A: If the size of piece is small, it is hard to recognize and remember. If the number of piece is too little or too much, it will cause confusion or boredom. Big, less pieces are well considered size and numbers. It is also easy to pick up and in case of dropping, it will easy to find lost pieces.

Q4. If I lost piece, what shall I do?
A: Please contact us. We will send lost piece in EMS (freight is paid by buyer)

Q5. Why “time check sheet” is written over 20 years old?
A: After repeating playing Puzzle de Aroma, users will clearly feel that it worked on their brain. To enjoy the feeling of recovering youth, we started time checker from 20’s.

Q6. Why do you use Japanese aroma liquid?
After investigating countless combination of many aroma essential oils, as the 30 years experienced jigsaw puzzle manufacturer, we concluded Gettou, Japanese cypress, Eucalyptus are the best combination in terms of comfortableness, energizing, relaxation, calmness to play puzzle.

Q7. How long can I use aroma spray?
If you play everyday, it lasts 3 months. If you used all, please contact us. You can buy aroma spray only.

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