Super popular new snack “Menbei”

Healthy spicy snack made with cod roe

[1. Product feature]

1. Product outline
1) Menbei is a spiced cracker snack made of potato with the flavor of Japanese popular fish cod roe "mentaiko". It's popular among all generation, especially popular with carbonated drink.
2) You can offer menbei as a healthy snack because it contains rich protein and minerals of fish.
3) Menbei is new in the crunchy food texture. Potato cracker is crunchier than rice cracker.
4) Menbei contains spicy pollock cavier so you can enjoy hot spicy flavor as well.
5) Menbei has been sold in 4 biollion Japanese yen (USD 37 million), now it's exported to north America and Asian countries.

2. Competitiveness of product

1) Raw material and ingredient
The potato used in menbei is made of 100% Hokkaido potato. Cod fish is caught in northern pacific ocean.
2) Production method
We heat and press menbei in the specially developed high temperature steel plate.
3) Quality
Menbei is certified in HACCP.
4) Usage
You can offer menbei in various ways such as gift, side menu in bar, restaurant, adding in sald, pizza.
5) Business
Menbei can be stored in normal temperature, the weight is light, good for gift and low cost in transportation.

3. Common product name : Sea food snack ("oiled snack" in the classification in Japan)
4. Brand name : Menbei
1) Menbei (Regular, made of potato starch)
2) Menbei (Spicy, made with sauce)
5. Product origin : Fukuoka, JAPAN
6. Ingredient and nutrition
- Ingredient : Starch, squid, octopus, vegetable oil, fish extract, sugar, dried bonito shavings, cod roe, red chili, mirin (sweet sake), fermented condiment, soy sauce, salt, dextrin, processed starch, sweetener (sorbit), amino acid, emulsifier (wheat, milk, squid, soybean are contained)
- Nutrition fact (per 100g) : Energy 445kcal, total fat 14.6g (saturated fatty acid 2.69g), trans fatty acid 0.0g, cholesterol 140mg, sodium 720mg, carbonhydrate 69.9g (dietary fiber 1g, total carbonhydrate 3.8g), protein 8.5g, vitamin D 0mcg, calcium 10mg, iron 0.7mg, potassium 114mg, sodium chloride equivalent 1.8g
7. Production flow
Preparation of ingredient → Preservation (-18℃ and 5℃) → thawing → washing → metal detection (SUS:2.5φmm、Fe:1.5φmm) → Cutting → Weighing → mixing → adding flavor → 2nd mixing → baking (170℃, longer than 2 minutes) → frying (150℃, longer than 1 minute) → 2nd adding flavor → drying (100℃, longer than 7 minutes) → cooling → separation → individual packaging → metal detection (SUS:1.2φmm、Fe:0.8φmm) → weight check → inspection → packaging in carton → distribution
8. Measurement, quantity and weight
2pcs/sachet x 6 sachets (105 x 320 x 35mm, Gross weight 140g)
9. Carton size for export
H 33.5cm, W 44.5cm, L 25cm, Weight 4.6kg
10. Shelflife : 180 days after production
11. Temperature in transportation and storage : Menbei can be stored, transported in the normal temperature (5-35℃)

[2. Price, terms and conditions]

1. FOB price of Menbei : JPY 280/bag
2. Payment terms : T/T against placing order, L/C within 5 working days
3. Payment method : T/T in ADVANCE/  Irrevocable Letter of Credit
4. MOQ : 100 cases
5. Maximum supply volume : 1,000 cases/month
6. Raw material of package :
Individual package : OPP#20/GL/CPP#25
Outer caton : 17g OPP#30/CPP#20
Tray : paper
External carton : cardboard
7. Numbers of cartons per a pallet : 24 cases/pallet
8. Quantity in 20 FT container : 500 cases (15,000 bags)
9. Lead time : 2 weeks after confirming payment
10. HS-code : 1905
11. Availability of sample : Please ask
12. Warranty : We negotiate in each case
13. Product Liability insurance : Available
14. Availability of OEM, ODM, PB (Private brand) : Available in TEU (20FT container unit base)
15. Available distributorship : Local distributorship can be negotiated from 6 x 20FCL

 [3. Sales information]

1. Available certificate : HACCP (2017), other reports such as ingredient, bacteria, safety are also available in English
2. Certificate of origin : Available
3. Award, press release : countless (too many)
4. Main customer, client in Japan : All generation, men and women
5. Precaution : Menbei absorbs humidity so please finish it as soon as you open it.
* Allergen : wheat, milk constituent, squid, soybean (sardine, shortneck clams, cod, skipjack)

[4. Contact information]

Mr. Masanari Soh :
Ms. Maki Akasaki :