Japanese dry fruits

Processed in new technology, dry fruits reached the new frontier.

Persimmon, Pear, Corn, Watermelon, Shiranui, Orange, Kiwi... fresh Japanese natural dry fruits! Enjoy real Japanese authentic taste that preserves full of nutrition and freshness harvested in Kumamoto!

 [Product Feature]

1. Produced in low decompressing micro wave drying method that preserves more taste and freshness.
2. Using fruits in its maximum freshness just after being harvested.
3. 100% completely traceable in all processes.
4. No additive, preservatives, artificial colorants, oil in whole production process.
5. Best in raw, best with black tea.

* We already have exclusive distributor in Europe, USA, Canada, Middleeast countries

[1. Product Outlook]

1. Product name : Japanese dry fruits
Brand name : Ocha no Nakayama Dry Fruits
2. Raw material : Fresh fruits made in Kumamoto (Shiranui, Navel orange, Lemon, Orange, Watermelon, Pear, Persimmon, Corn, Tomato, Strawberry)
* Other dry fruits can be made upon request.
3. Date of expiry (product lifespan) : 180 days after production
4. Package (size, quantity, weight) : 40g-75g depending on each fruit
5. Carton (size, quantity, weight) : 266 packages in 20kg carton (if 75g/package)
6. Product origin : Kumamoto, JAPAN
7. Official website (Japanese) : https://www.noopaa.jp/index.php


[2. Terms and conditions]

1. FOB price : JPY 580/package

Check RATES and DELIVERY DAYS (EMS by Japan Post)
* Please choose "Parcel, Weight, Kumamoto" and your country.
2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
10 packages for sample
100 packages for order
3. HS-Code : 0813
* minor classification is different depending on type of fruit, please specify on buyer's side.
4. Container in delivery : paper carton (aluminum inside)
5. Storage
- normal temperature in room
* Please avoid high temperature.
6. Payment terms
- T/T
- Paypal (Credit Cards)
7. Sample
- JPY 699/package
* Freight shall be paid by buyer.
8. Maximum Supply Quantity
- 15,000 packages/year
9. Delivery
- EMS (Express Mail Service by Japan Post)
- Fedex
- other transportation is also available in big volume
10. Lead time : 3 days after confirming payment


[3. Documents]

1. Certificate of Origin (COO) : available at JPY 1,500
2. English brochure : not available
3. Available Certificate
- Non agrochemical residue certificate

[4. Other information]

1. Vitamin and enzyme are preserved without being broken.
2. We exhibited JETRO Japan foods fair in Paris in 2015 and 2017. (only us in Kyushu)
3. Sold in michi no eki, Ginza Kumamoto-kan in Tokyo


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