Water Purification BP ERASURE

BP Erasure has function of disinfection, killing algae, resolution of chemical compound in water.

New solution for water purification "BP Erasure" made in Japan.
Safe, pure water for everyone.

1. Product feature

Global population growth and economy development cause serious shortage of water. Another problem is serious water contamination caused by the waste water from factory and housing area. We have less option to keep water pure now, more people will suffer to seek for safe water in future. In some countries people are forced to drink and use contaminated water that may contain hazardous bacteria. In such countries the investment for water purification is often impossible due to high cost.
There is a new, affordable, useful solution “BP Erasure” made in Japan. It can be installed with less cost and less energy consumption. We adopt photocatalyst and UV lamp in simple and compact component. From the small size like fish tank to the large size like pond or lake, you can assemble it in any size you like. The simplicity and flexibility are the major advantage of BP Erasure. It has function such as disinfection, killing algae, killing insect, resolve chemical compound. “Energy saving, low cost, high quality, simple installation” are the benefit you gain from BP Erasure. The purified water does not contain bacteria and virus, it can supply safe and pure water.

Algal bloom is serious damage.
Water is suddenly contaminated.

2. Competitiveness of product

1. Less environmental impact : If the apparatus adopt ozonization system, it may generate ozone, aldehyde, ketone that cause contamination. Biologics and chlorine are also doubtful when we consider the environmental impact. On the other hand, our photocatalyst system has less environmental impact, therefore it is better in the usage for the purification in drinking water and food industry.

2. Low cost, high flexibility : Ozonization system is often installed in water purification but it costs a lot. Furthermore it has oxidation effect that causes corrosion in the device. In BP Erasure we don’t use ozonization process. We use photocatalyst that doesn’t cause corrosion. That means BP Erasure can save initial cost, running cost and maintenance cost. The component and installation are also simple, you don’t need any special machine, construction and technology. You don’t have to work regularly to put flocculants in water. BP Erasure is totally easy and simple to install, operate.

3. Less power in operation : BP Erasure consumes less power and eco-friendly. Power consumption is low. If you operate it with solar power, BP Erasure can be operated as independent power supply system. Therefore, BP Erasure is especially good in the developing countries where people don’t have the infrastructure of water supply, where people can’t access power source.

4. High efficiency water purification and high effect against combined pollution : If we use only UV lamp in water purification, deactivated bacteria may be re-activated with the effect of near ultraviolet radiation and visible radiation. It reduces efficiency in water purification process. In BP Erasure we utilize UV lamp with photocatalyst to prevent re-activation of bacteria. This combination increase efficiency of purification. In addition to that, photocatalyst doesn’t require expensive investment such as ozonization device. Photocatalyst can reduce the environmental impact in water purification. With this combination, we can cope with combined pollution such as organic compound, bacteria, protozoa, algae, agrochemical, toxic substance etc)

Algae is alive and active in water.
Algae is hard to resolve and erase.
Algae gathers very fast and hard.

[1] Product Outline

1. Common product name : Photocatalyst water purification apparatus
2. Brand name : BP Erasure (Bacteria & Plankton Erasure)
3. Product origin : Fukuoka, JAPAN
4. Raw material : Titanium dioxide, UV lamp, Stainless (SUS316), acrylic, glass, fine ceramics

It can be used in muddy water.
Acrylic type is also available.

[2] Quantity and size

1. Product lineup
BP-1 : Height 250mm, Diameter 90mm
BP-2 : Height 400mm, Diameter 90mm (2 times more capacity of BP-1)
BP-1 : 600g in acrylic, 2000g in stainless
BP-2 : 900g in acrylic, 3600g in stainless
* This weight doesn’t include the weight of titanium dioxide
Attachment : UV lamp power socket connection cable, UV lamp stabilizer

2. Product lifespan
- Lamp : 4,000 hours
- Acrylic : 3 years
- Stainless : 10 years
- Water purifier agent : 6-12 months (it depends on the scale and type of water)

3. Voltage 
BP-1 : 8W, 100V
BP-2 : 15W, 100V

4.Assembly of component 
Small component can be assembled by buyer. If BP Erasure is installed in large scale such as pond, lake, Japanese engineers can visit the site (ticket, hotel paid by buyer).

5. Additional equipment for operation (to be procured in local market)
Power conditioner, pump, underwater fan, hose, seal tape, hose band
● Additional equipment may differ depending on local conditions. Please ask us in advance.
● If you can’t find additional equipment, we can supply from Japan (additional fee)

It works like this in the water.
Titanium dioxide and UV lamp.

[3] Price, Payment terms, sample


1. FOB price
- BP-1
Acrylic : JPY 118,000/unit
Stainless : JPY 134,000/unit
- BP-2
Acrylic : JPY 138,000/unit
Stainless : JPY 158,000/unit
* Volume discount is available.

Check RATES and DELIVERY DAYS (EMS by Japan Post)
* Please choose "Parcel, Weight, Fukuoka" and your country.

2. Payment terms : Cash in advance
3. Payment method : Paypal, T/T
4. MOQ : 1 unit
5. Maximum supply volume : upon request (please ask us)
6. Lead time : Shipment in 2-4 weeks after confirming payment.
7. HS-code : 8539.39
8. Availability of sample : Paid sample is available
(EMS freight must paid by buyer)

It utilizes the effect of photocatalyst.
Contamination is being resolved.

9. Maintenance
- UV lamp :
Remove socket of UV lamp, and remove lamp. Wipe glass of UV lamp with sponge. If the glass is dirty, water purification capability will be decreased.
Lighting test is mandate. Please check lighting with turning power on. Lighting test must be conducted separately from regular maintenance, and the test needs to be done quickly.
If UV lamp is already expired, please replace lamp to new one. Other size lamp can’t be used. Please order new lamp to us.

- Water purification agent (titanium dioxide) :
If titanium dioxide gets dirty or dusty, water purification capability is decreased. If you detected dirt, please put into mesh cage and wash with shower. If you rubbed it hard, the coating on the surface will be peeled off, so please be careful. Even if you washed, or in case the coating peeled off, please replace titanium dioxide. You can order it to us.

- Pump in water :
Pump in water can be purchased in local market. Algae, dirt may accumulate in the part of inlet-port. If it is stacked with them, please remove properly. If too much dirt and algae got into the inlet-port, it may cause malfunction.
Please turn the power off when you check the pump.
Please give regular maintenance with referring to handling manual of your pump.

- Specification of hose for replacement
Hose to connect BP Erasure : diameter inside 9-12mm, with the length you need.

- Power supply : The resin part of hose may deteriorate. Please check regularly.

- Disposal of used parts and product
Please dispose titanium dioxide in “non-flammable” waste.
Disinfection lump in UV lamp contains mercury (hazardous) so please be careful when you dispose with following local law and regulation. After the separation of each part, please dispose each part with following local law and regulation.
If you can’t dispose in your country, we can dispose it in Japan. (Freight and disposal fee will be paid by buyer).

It is connected to pump with tube.
Pump is available if you don't have.

10. Warranty : 1 year after you received BP Erasure
- Free repair : If malfunction occurred by seller’s failure in the period of warranty, we will fix it for free of charge.
- Paid repair : We fix it with your cost if malfunction is caused by 1) After the period of warranty, 2) Misuse (in case buyer didn’t follow the instruction), 3) In case 3rd party repaired, or modified BP Erasure, 4) Mulfunction, break due to natural disaster such as earthquake, typhoon.

1) Buyer can order parts for replacement.
2) If pump, leakage circuit breaker are broken, it is out of our warranty.
3) Titanium dioxide is out of warranty because it is expendable supplies.
4) We don’t compensate for the damage caused by the malfunction.

If you detected malfunction, please stop operation immediately and check BP Erasure.
1) Please read handling manual carefully before you ask us.
2) Please do not ask us how to repair pump you purchased in your country.
3) If you need to repair, please inform us 1) type number and product number, 2) period of use and how you used, (what water, concentration, position etc), 3) Broken part and how it is broken.

High quality ultraviolet(UV)lamp.
Socket part seen from above.

[4] Certificate and document

1. Award and patent
- Approved in pioneer technology in new industry (Fukuoka prefecture)
- Approved in New Export Consortium (JETRO)
- Applying for patent (2017-110559)
2. Certificate of origin : Available
3. Product liability insurance : Please ask

Stabilizer is also available (option).
Water purification agent (TiO2).

[5] Sales and testimony in Japan

1. Type of customer in Japan
<Fishery industry>
-    Water purification for hatchery fish (and oyster) in the sea and on the land
-    Prevention of disease of fish, prawn, oyster, shellfish
-    Aquarium
-    Fish breeder of tropical fish
<Agriculture, food industry>
-    Restaurant
-    Fresh food processing factory
-    Food factory
-    Condominium, hotel, hospital, water purifying plant, overseas water projects

2. Testimony of customer
- BP Erasure is superior in its uniqueness and cost performance (Fukuoka Financial Group)

We are Japanese R&D company.

[6] Benefit and how to use

1. Benefits in efficiency, productivity, safety
<Safety and efficiency in introduction>
Photocatalyst reacts to the substance what it touched. It doesn’t cause any unintentional chemical reaction. Therefore, BP Erasure is not efficient in the mass-scale waste water purification plant. On the other hand it doesn’t require electricity very much, the power can be supplied with renewable energy such as solar panel. With this flexibility, BP Erasure can be introduced as an independent power supplying water purification system in the area where people can’t access power source. BP Erasure is easy to install, transport, and the initial cost is low compared to other existing water purification plant.
BP Erasure can be applied in 1) sterilization (colon bacillus, staphylococcus, virus), 2) killing algae (harmful algal bloom, red tide plankton), 3) insecticide (chlorine resistant protozoa such as cryptosporidium, larvae of parasite), 4) chemical substance (agrochemical such as simazine, chemical substance such as formaldehyde, organic compound such as environmental hormone, antibiotics). BP Erasure can be a solution in the multiple types of contamination and pollution.

2. How to prepare
- Please watch movie and read handling manual when you install it.
- BP Erasure can be combined on water or land.

3. Precaution
BP Erasure utilizes electricity and UV. Please follow the instruction of handling manual.

Many awards are displayed.

[7] Message from president

BP Erasure has been developed through years of research of water environment. We wanted to assure safety of water in the world regardless the level of development. BP Erasure is developed by the concept of "lake controller" (algam boom prevention device, registered in NETIS (*) in 2013, in the ministry of land and transportation of Japan) and the former model "algam boom eraser" (algam boom prevention and water purification system).
In BP Erasure we can provide higher performance with higher technology. At the same time BP Erasure became more flexible in the various types of life. It can be used in private sector and government sector where people want safe water with less investment. Safe and pure water is the basic infrastructure in our society. Our mission is to create and protect it.
NETIS (New Technology Information System)

We solve the water problem for you.

[8] FAQ

Q1. Where do you recommend to install BP Erasure?
Purpose: Drinking water plant, hatchery fish, aquarium, food processing factory, drinking water in emergency, no electricity area, refugee camp, restaurant, hotel, condominium. BP Erasure is good in small-middle scale demand.
Type of water : River, lake, pond, water recycle plant, dam, prevention of VOC in underground water.
* If you don't have knowledge and data, please ask us in advance.

Q2. Can it be used to produce drinking water and irrigation water?
A2.  Irrigation water : Possible. If you use BP Erasure it can prevent soil contamination.
Drinking water : Possible. Although the level of purification must be researched well in advance, BP Erasure has the function to resolve algae, bacteria, dirt and bad smell. (If it's too dirty it takes more time). In case sand or mud are contained, you may need pre-treatment process. In that case please ask as the proper installation.

Q3. How often should I change titanium dioxide (water purification agent)?
A3. It depends on the scale and type of water. We support you after you installed it. Please ask as how often it will be changed.

Q4. Can it be effective in any type of contamination?
A4.  BP Erasure can't resolve high concentration material, inorganic material (heavy metal) and radioactive substance. We will judge if BP Erasure can be applied in your area. Please provide us with the information regarding type of water, type of soil, geographical conditions. We calculate the effect and initial cost, operation scheme.
If the contamination is serious, it may be caused by multiplex factors. In such case you may need the proper treatment of waste disposal as well as water purification. If BP Erasure is not sufficient to solve your problem, we have more solutions. Please contact us.

Q5. How fast can BP Erasure purify water?
A5.  Following figures are the average benchmark.
<Capacity of water purification>
BP-1 x 1 : 1,440L/day
BP-2 x 1 : 2.880L/day
<Restraint of green color caused by plankton under water *approximately>
BP-1 x 1 : 12 m3/day
BP-2 x 1 : 25.5m3/day
●The result depends on the numbers of device, scale, type of water, capacity of pump.

メモ: * は入力必須項目です