Compact Luz Solar for charging mobile phone

Film type bendable solar panel that can be installed in any place you want.

Small solar panel to charge mobile phone!
You don't have to pay for electricity or cafe to charge your phone any longer.
Bendable, portable, flexible and washable.
Thickness 1mm, weight 100g, 5 hours sunlight to charge battery full, can be operated -20 to 60℃.

[1. Product Outlook]

1. Product name : 4.2 watt Luz Solar
Brand name : Compact Luz solar for mobile battery
2. Raw material : Amorphous silicon
3. Date of expiry (product lifespan) : 20 to 30 years
4. Solar Dimension: W:225, L:454, D:1mm
Cable length:300mm
Weight : 100g
5. Battery Dimension: W:25*H:100*D:26mm (2600mAh)
6. Product origin : Saga, Japan

Basic Features :

* No screw and reinforcement is using for attached on the Roof top
* Zero maintenance cost
* Roll up and keep inside the house at night time
* Installation on the curvy walls and side as well
* Easiest and fastest installation on any shape of roof.
* Rural and non-electrical zone is preferable

[2. Terms and conditions]

1. FOB price :* freight is paid by buyer.

Check RATES and DELIVERY DAYS (EMS by Japan Post)
* Please choose "Parcel, Weight, Saga" and your country.

- 4.2 watt solar panel + battery + LED light
1-9 sets : USD 128
10-99 sets : USD 120
100-999 sets : USD 112
1000 or more : USD 104

- 4.2 watt solar panel only
1-9 : USD 110
10-99 : USD 100
100-999 : USD 90
1000 or more : USD 80

2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) : 5 sets
3. HS-Code : 8541
4. Container in delivery : Cartoon or small pack
5. Storage : normal temperature
6. Payment terms : Cash in advance by Paypal or T/T.
7. Sample : Available with FOB price written above.
8. Maximum Supply Quantity : 1000 units per month
9. Delivery : EMS service by Japan Post
10. Lead time : 1 week after confirming payment

[3. Documents]

1. Certificate of Origin (COO) : available


[4. FAQ]

Q1. I found many cheaper solar mobile charger in Alibaba or Why is it so expensive?

A: Yes, the portable panels you found in other website could be "crystal panel". As you may know it deteriorates fast (and sometimes you have to buy again soon), and not durable against heat more than 30℃. If the temperature is over 30℃, crystal panel can't recharge well.
Compact Luz Solar can work in -20 to 60℃ and it's very tough, you can step on it.
Washable, not broken even when stepped, can recharge even in 60℃, lifespan is 25 years, and you can charge phone as long as you don't lose panel. Is it called "expensive"?

Q2. If I use other battery, is it possible to order only panel?

A: Yes it is possible. Please ask price.

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