3. Processed Foods

Misho yuzu tea

The first organic certified yuzu tea in Japan made of rare misho (wild) yuzu.

Japanese dry fruits

Processed in new technology, dry fruits reached the new frontier.

Igusa powder, new superfood of Japan

Edible igusa (Japanese rushgrass) that contains rich dietary fiber.

Timber wood dried shiitake mushroom (Oita)

Harvested and dried in traditional method, best in soup stock.

Premium timber wood shiitake made in Miyazaki

Harvested in 800m highland Shiiba village, matches various menus.


Strawberry enzyme drink

Artisan produced fermented strawberry with the best flavor and nutrition balance.

Kyushu Fruits Jelly

Harvested in Kyushu island, made of Japanese fruits.

Matcha MT-21

MT-21 keeps natural color of matcha longer and makes mixing with water easier.


flavored seaweed

3 flavored laver seaweed Mukashi Nori