Fukutaro Red Chili Sauce

Multi purpose new condiment

[1. Product feature]

1. Product outline
1) Fukutaro red chili sauce is popular sauce used in pizza, pasta, dip sauce.
2) Low calory (117cal/100ml), doesn't contain trans fatty acid
3) New combination of soy sauce, spice pollock caviar and tomato
4) New feeling hot spicy flavor with spicy pollock caviar
5) Fukutaro red chili sauce has been developed in 2016, and it is exported to north America and Asian countries now.

2. Competitiveness of product
1) Raw material and ingredient
Soy sauce in Fukutaro red chili sauce is produced by very authentic manufacturer who has made soy sauce more than 300 years.
2) Production method
It's produced with specially developed steam pot for soy sauce based seasoning.
3) Quality
Fukutaro red chili sause is certified by ISO22000
4) Usage
You can use it with mayonnaise, cream cheese as well to offer special sauce
5) Business
You can store it in normal temperature, and offer it as raw material to seasoning/condiment manufacturer.

3. Common product name : Sauce
4. Brand name : Fukutaro red chili sauce
5. Product origin : Fukuoka, JAPAN
6. Ingredient and nutrition fact
- Ingredient : HFCS 55 (high fructose corn syrup containing 55% fructose), salt cod roe, soy sauce, tomato paste, mirin (sweet sake), salt, chili, yeast extract, sake, kombu seaweed extract/spir, pH modifier, amino acid, thickener (xanthan), food preservative (sorbin acid K) * partly contains wheat and soy bean
- Nutrition fact (per 100ml) : Energy 117kcal (total fat 0.6g, saturated fatty acid 0.1g, trans fatty acid 0g), cholesterol 35.8mg, sodium 2604mg, carbonhydrate 23.1g (dietary fiber 1.6g, carbonhydrate 10.3g), protein 4.8g, vitamin D 1.1mcg, calcium 13.4mg, iron 0.4mg, potassium 244mg, sodium chloride equivalent 6.6g
7. Production flow
Preparation of ingredient → Preservation (fish roe below -20℃, chili below 5℃) → weighing → sterilization (80℃ with steam pot for 10 minutes) → mixing → cooling → inspection → removal of impurities/metal detection (strainer 4 mesh/inch, magnet 8000 gaus) → bottling → metal detection (Fe4.0mm/ Sus4.8mm) → labeling → packaging → distribution
8. Measurement, quantity and weight
1L : φ80x275mm Gross weight 1200g
150g : φ52x130mm Gross weight 200g
30 bottles/carton (290 x 350 x 150mm, GW 6.4kg)
9. Carton size for export
1L : H 26cm, W 33.5cm, L 31cm, Weight 14.7kg
150ml : H 35.0cm, W 29.0cm, L 15cm, Weight 6.4kg
10. Shelflife : 180g after production (not opened)
11. Temperature in transportation and storage : Normal temperature (5-35℃) * Please store in refrigerator after opening.

[2. Price, terms and conditions]

1. FOB price : 1L JPY 1060/pcs, 150ml JPY 265/pcs
2. Payment terms : T/T against placing order, L/C within 5 working days after placing order
3. Payment method : T/T in advance/Irrevocable Letter of Credit
4. MOQ : 50 cases
5. Maximum supply volume : 200 cases/month
6. Raw material of package : Container : PET, lid : PP (outer) PE (inner), carton : cardboard
7. Numbers of cartons per a pallet : 60 cases
8. Lead time : 3 weeks after confirming payment
9. HS-code : 2103
10. Availability of sample : Please ask.
11. Warranty : We negotiate in each case.
12. Product Liability insurance : Available
13. Availability of OEM, ODM, PB (Private brand) : Available from 100 case/order
14. Available distributorship : Negotiable

[3. Sales information]

1. Available certificate : ISO9001 (2013), ISO22000 (2019)
2. Certificate of origin : Available
3. Main customer, client in Japan : restaurant, department store, super market
4. Main usage : cook with pasta, rice, vegetable (dip)
5. Popular menu, recipe : pizza sauce, pasta, fried rice
6. Precaution : Please store in refrigerator after opening, and finish as soon as possible.
* Allergen : wheat, soy bean, cod fish

[4. Contact information]

Mr. Masanari Soh : m.soh@fukutaro.co.jp
Ms. Maki Akasaki : akasaki@fukutaro.co.jp