5. Condiment

Trurumoto Leek oil

Grown with more than 70 types of minerals, contains rich oil with pure leek taste.


G-GAP certified Leek Dressing

Health and tasty salad dressing harvested in natural soil in Fukuoka.

Premium Yuzu goshou (English)

Mifuku-an yuzu goshou is used in famous restaurants in Tokyo.
Premium Yuzu goshou (French)

Mifuku-an yuzu goshou est utilisé dans les restaurants célèbres de Tokyo.

Premium Yuzu Juice (English)

Pure flavor of yuzu adds a new taste to your favorite menu.
Premium Yuzu Juice (French)

La saveur pure du yuzu ajoute une nouvelle saveur à votre menu préféré.


Hanafusa soy sauce

Authentic whole soybean soy sauce Hanafusa


Fukutaro Red Chili Sauce
Multi purpose new condiment