Okinawa Coral Powder

Coral powder is useful in water purification, removing agrochemical, soil improving.

Faded hermatypic coral has great power that we still don't know.
4 major coral products have been developed in 30 years history.

Product Feature


1) Hermatypic coral powder is useful in water purification, removing agrochemical, soil enhancement, food production.
2) To protect natural ocean environment, we use only faded hermatypic coral under the permission of Okinawa government.
3) Throughout many years, lots of foraminifera, shellfish, fish have accumulated in the sea bed and formed rich mineral hermatypic coral bed.
4) Okinawa hermatypic coral contains calcium, magnesium. It has micro porous composition to absorb impurities.
5) Because of micro porous composition, coral powder can be used in various purpose.

Rich mineral and unique effect are kept in this 4 types of products.

Competitiveness of product

1) Faded hermatypic coral contains the richest magnesium among all natural products.
2) Hermatypic coral is called "sea vegetable" in Japan because of rich contents of minerals.
3) Like activated carbon, hermatypic coral has micro porous composition. It has high capability of absorption, removal of impurities that can be used in farming, water treatment.
4) With the official approval of the governor of Okinawa prefecture, total production plan has been strictly controlled. It doesn't infringe with the Wasington Convention.
5) In Japan it has been approved as food additive in 1987. Not only supplement of calcium and magnesium, but also it can be used as umami (food flavor) additive.
6) In Japan hermatypic coral is especially popular in water purification agent. Mineral contained in coral flows into water.
7) As soil exchanger, hermatypic coral powder can enhance activity of bacteria, improves soil condition such as air flow, water permeability, retainability of fertilizer.

Mining under the permission of government to protect nature.

[1. Product outline]

1. Common product name : Faded hermatypic coral powder/pellet
2. Brand name
1) Coral Bio PW/PW(S) for calcium powder in food industry
2) Coral Bio RF-1/RF-2 for water purification
3) Kibou no Hikari for soil exchanger
4) Ohisama Arigato for amino acid spray in farming (liquid type)
3. Product origin : Okinawa, Japan
4. Raw material and ingredient : Faded hermatypic coral (mining under the permission of Okinawa prefecture)
5. Production flow : Mining → Washing → Desalination → Separation → Drying →Sterilization → Crushing → Disinfection → Size/quantity arrangement → Packing → Storing

Coral powder is transported to the stock yard soon after mining.
To remove impurities, we wash coral powder in the special tank.

[2] Quantity and size



1. Product lineup
1) Coral Bio PW/PW(S)  : W 35cm, H 70cm (20kg bag)
2) Coral Bio RF-1/RF-2 : W 35cm, H 70cm (20kg bag)
3) Kibou no Hikari : W 45cm, H 65cm (20kg bag)
4) Ohisama Arigato : 300ml, 1L

(In Pallet of 1 metric ton)
* Size of pallet ; 110 x 130 x 15cm
1) Coral Bio PW/PW(S) : W 110 x D 130 x H 100cm
2) Coral Bio RF-1/RF-2 : W 110 x D 130 x H 100cm
3) Kibou no Hikari : W 110 x D 130 x H 80cm
4) Ohisama Arigato : W 34 x D 29 x H 16.5cm (Weight 8.2kg)

2. Shelflife : Forever if stored properly
3. Storage : Please avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, humidity. Store in cool dry place.
4. Assembly of component : No need
5. Additional equipment for operation : No need

To preserve rich nutrient, drying and sterilization are important.
All products are stored in 4 areas. 20kg bag is standard size.

[3]Price, Payment terms, sample

1. FOB price (Port of Hakata)
1) Coral Bio PW (large pellet)
- 20-480kg : JPY 3,500/kg
- 500-980kg : JPY 3,400/kg
- 1000-4980kg : JPY 3,300/kg
2) Coral Bio PW(S) (small pellet)
- 20-480kg : JPY 3,500/kg
- 500-980kg : JPY 3,400/kg
- 1000-4980kg : JPY 3,300/kg
3) Coral Bio RF-1 (large pellet)
- 20-480kg : JPY 2,000/kg
- 500-980kg : JPY 1,900/kg
- 1000-4980kg : JPY 1,800/kg
4) Coral Bio RF-2 (small pellet)
- 20-480kg : JPY 2,300/kg
- 500-980kg : JPY 2,200/kg
- 1000-4980kg : JPY 2,100/kg
5) Kibou no Hikari
- 20-980kg : JPY 200/kg
- 1000kg - : JPY 150/kg
6) Ohisama Arigato (liquid)
- 20 x 300ml : JPY 3,300/bottle
- 12 x 1L : JPY 9,000/kg

2. Payment terms : Cash in advance
3. Payment method : PayPal, T/T
4. MOQ
1) Coral Bio PW/PW(S) : 20kg bag
2) Coral Bio RF-1/RF-2 : 20kg bag
3) Kibou no Hikari : 20kg bag
4) Ohisama Arigato : 20 x 300ml, 12 x 1L
5. Maximum supply volume/month, year : 100 ton/month
6. Lead time : 1 week after confirming payment
7. HS-code : 0508.00.200
8. Availability of free sample : 100g sample is FREE OF CHARGE
(EMS air freight is PAID BY BUYER)

Check RATES and DELIVERY DAYS (EMS by Japan Post)
* Please choose "Parcel, Weight, Okinawa" and your country.

Coral Bio PW and PW(S), consists of calcium contained in coral.
Coral Bio RF-1 and RF2, high performance in water purification.

[4] Certificate and document

1. Available certificate
According to the research of Dr. Fusako Maehira of Ryukyu National University, the product has following effects.
1) Refraining increasing sugar content in blood [Nutrition Research 31, 147-156 (2011)]
2) Reducing blood pressure [Nutrition Research 27, 488-493 (2011)]
3) Enhancing bone metabolism (Curing osteoporosis) [Nutrition Research 25, 581-589 (2009)]
* Above are research on functional food ingredients. Not only safety but also functionality these effects have been proved.

2. Available test report and MSDS
- Product analysis report
- Radiation test (not detected)
* Due to strong black tide, water contamination risk is significantly low in Okinawa area. Coral in Okinawa contains very little impurities and safety level is quite high.
3.Certificate of origin : Available
4. Product liability insurance : valid in Japan

Kibou no HIkari, for soil excganger. It adds natural nutrients in the soil.
Ohisama Arigato, for amino acid spray in farm to enhance growth.

 [5] Sales and testimony in Japan

1. Type of customer in Japan
1) Coral Bio PW/PW(S)
- Health supplement, beverage
- Calcium, magnesium supplement
- Processed foods (confectionery, rice cake, noodle, bread, miso, furikake, curry, hamburg, fish meat
- Pet food, supplement for pet
- Food additive (to prevent induration of powder, salt, sugar, condiment)
* Coral Bio have been sold to many retailers in Japan.
2) Coral Bio RF-1/RF-2
- Water purification filter, cartridge, bathtub machine, bath filter, shower head
* It has been sold in Australia, USA, Russia, Singapore and several countries.
3) Kibou no Hikari, Ohisama Arigato
- It is used in the most premium rice Koshi-Hikari in Japan (Niigata prefecture)
- Farmer, orchard, gardening shop

Shipping all over Japan and some Asian countries.
Quality inspection chamber in the factory in Okinawa.

[6] Benefit and how to use

1. How to use, prepare
1. Kibou no Hikari
1) Crop, rice : 20kg/1a (100 m2)
2) Vegetable (cucumber, eggplant, corn) : 15kg/1a
3) Leaf vegetable (spinach, cabbage) : 10kg/1a
4) Flower : 10kg/1a
5) Fruits : 20kg/1a

2. Ohisama Arigato
1) Building soil : After adding organic compost such as bran, rapeseed meal, thin it 1000-2000 times and spread it in soil.
2) Fruit : When root star growing, thin 5000 times and spread it 2-3 times in the root part. After blooming flower, thin 2000 times and spread 2-3 times in the root part. 2 weeks before harvest and 1 week before harvest, thin 2000 times one time.
3) Leaf vegetable : Before harvest, thin 5000 times and spread 6-7 times. Thinning 5000-10000 times and spreading every 5 days is also effective.
4) Root vegetable : Thin 5000 times and spread every week. When root grows, thin 2000-3000 times and spread.
5) Rice : Soak seed in 2000 times thinned liquid. During growth thin 5000 times and spread several times.

Testing device to improve purity and quality of all products.

3. Fact and effect
1. Coral Bio PW/PW(S), Coral Bio RF-1/RF-2
1) Old woman could climb stairway after taking calcium from coral powder.
2) Old woman could recover health to walk without using stick
3) Bone metabolism was improved.
4) Bad smell of drinking water was removed.
5) Plant grew well even in the shade covered place in house.

2. Kibou no Hikari, Ohisama Arigato
1) Kibou no Hikari works slow while Ohisama Arigato works fast.
2) Bacteria increased and replanting failure was reduced due to good mineral balance in soil with using it.
3) Root of rice grew thicker and didn't fall down even in strong wind.
4) Plant became more resistant against disease. Damage from insect decreased.
5) Harvest of mellon got 1 month earlier because leaf, stem, root grew faster.
6) Sugar content in Gorubee wine increased from 17 to 21-23 degree after using it.
7) More flavor, more freshness, more taste after using in plant and fruit.

The more we study coral, the more possibilities we discover.

[7] Message from president

Modern technology made our life convenient and comfortable. However at the same time we have lost something important. Too much productivity oriented way of thinking might have made us miss real power of nature.
Compared to old times, our soil have lost nutrients and it directly affected our health.
We encountered coral powder 30 years ago, we have produced various types of products to make use of this amazing natural power in our life, especially safe foods.
Coral have lived many decades without moving, however it has surprising power that can be used in our life and business. We were amazed by the potentiality of coral, but we are more amazed with the unknown power of coral. The more we research, the more possibilities we find.
Let's create natural, safe, comfortable, convenient environment for our mother earth, plant, water and food together with our products.

We produce safe natural goods for your success and prosperity!

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